MIMA Trip  2011

MIMA  had another successful trip this year, performing nearly 60 surgical cases and consulting with more than 300 patients.


Team Members included:

Team One

Dr. Francis Podbielski  General Surgery

Dr. Douglas Dedo,  ENT

Dr. Nilsa Toledo, Pediatric Dentist

Janeen Hernan, MSN (wk one and two)

Dorothy Clarke, MSN (wk one and two)

Karen Fenyn, MSN (wk one and two)

Anne Jeffries, MSN

Esperanza Donohue, RN

Maureen Bosco, CRNA

Lori Schirle, CRNA

Anna Montes

Andrew Cudmore

Elaine Liberti

Jenna Gilbert

Cresencia Cruz ( wk one and two)


Team Two

Dr. David Kurtz; General Surgery

Dr. Barry Miskin, General Surgery

Dr. Marlene Mercado, Anesthesia

Julie Rosenberg, CRNA

Brooke Waton, RN

Marianne Kane, RN

Alex Tetenko, CST

Maite Froham, CST

Wayne Pitman, CST

Silvia Denkler, RN ( wk one and two)

Mary Kay Thomas, CRNA ( wk one and two)

Catherine Denkler ( wk one and two)

Bautista Cruz