Children of Tutimayu, BoliviaThis is the first village that we starting working with 2 years ago, after finding a very organized, hard working community with good leadership. We established a vitamin program, whereby 600 school children received a vitamin each morning in school. We also started this out with an anti-parasite and de-worming program in order to have the most efficacy with the vitamins. All the children also received a healthy breakfast, since most never ate before school started. After two years, this programs reports great success. having weighed and measured each student at the beginning. They reported weight gains and improved concentration in school, which they directly relate to the vitamins and breakfast. We also contributed to their school program, providing a school package for each student which included two notebooks, pencils, markers, folders and erasers. It was felt that the students were more motivated after receiving their own supplies. Money was allocated for the library, and reference books were bought for the use of all the students. Additionally, soccer balls and other sporting supplies were bought for the children's use during recess.

Plans for the future in Tutimayu are underway. Their goal is to build a new school, and I know this is very much needed, as I have seen the dilapidated condition of the existing one...They are working hard for so many changes that will benefit the future generations and I am happy the MIMA is helping them reach their goals.