HI...everyone...and sorry for the delays in posting the 2017 information.

This year, we have Dr. Ike Shasha, General Surgeon, and Dr. Jennifer Daif, OB Gyn joining us again for our 2017 trip to Bolivia.

The dates have been decided upon...as June 2-10th, 2017

According to BOA, the airline that we use, the return flight will be at night on Sat, the 10th, instead of on Sunday, as a day flight.

If you plan to come earlier, or stay later, please coordinate directly with the airlines.

Our contact person is Cecilia Reyes...305-591-3217. You can also go on line to www.justfly.com to book.

Of course, you are welcome to book with any other airline that flies there...but they mostly arrive in SantaCruz or La Paz. Then you can coordinate a flight to Cochabamba.

I need everyone's copy of passport, CV and copy of licenses by March 1st, emailed to me... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I will up date with hotel costs and land based costs for your planning.