Finally, after many attempts to set up a program in Guatemala, it seems we have succeeded.  In November 2010, Mary Kay traveled to San Juan de Sacateqequez, Guatemala to meet up with a group from GW University.  In order to be sure that the set up would be a good fit for MIMA, there was no better confirmation than to visit while a team was already working there.  San Juan is about 1 1/2 hours outside of Guatemala City in a rural community with the surgical center nearby the residence.  There are two very well equipped Operating Rooms and a rooming house for patients and their families. The team stays at a Retreat House which is comfortable and quite close to the facility. Meals are provided at the house and also at the hospital.  Knowing the MIMA team, we would probably make our first stop outside the airport at a grocery store to stock up on our own personal supplies and beverages.  Transportation is provided to and from the airport as well as to and from the clinic each day.

The most impressive part though, is that Partner For Surgery has an ongoing program throughout the year and triages patients for the upcoming surgical teams. I can foresee the MIMA team sending volunteers for these Triage Missions as well as for the surgical mission.   

After a most successful Gyne Surgical trip in Sept, 2011, we have committed to Sept  2012 with the same Gyne team including Dr. Tracy Irwin , Dr. Sherry Nordstrom and Dr. Bill Kobak.   We are in need of anesthesia providers, OR personelle and pre and post op nurses.  The dates that have been confirmed are Sept 22nd to the 30th. There is an optional trip to Antigua for the weekend, but the team will be working from Sunday, the 23rd until  the 27th. Airfare is quite reasonable, and you can book on Spirit or AA once you have committed to the team.  Lodging and meals are quite reasonable; the cost for the team is  $300for 6 nights with meals included. This will include transportation to and from the airport to the facility, and to and from the clinic each day. Meals are also included in this price. Please check with me about flight time arrivals in order to coordinate the transportation to the lodging. 

You will need to send your $300 in advance, as MIMA is totally short of funds this year.  Also, please remember to send your llicenses to me, either via attachment to an email( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or mail to my home.  MKThomas,  5869 Stonewood Ct.  Jupiter, FL...33458-7935

Go to the forms section, also, to download an application so I have contact information and also a release form. you can attach these also or send via mai.

l  The Antigua portion is just for fun, but is also quite reasonable..with hotel rates at about $50 per person per night.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining this team. Transportation to and from Antigua is usually about $35 and about the same for the airport run.

I will need a list of everyone going to Antigua, and how many nights you plan to stay to make reservations.   

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